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Cookie Policy

On the 15 thing, it's simply because there is humour and language scattered throughout this website that will, only on occasion, be inappropriate for younger kids. I'm middle age and this is my site. There is a lot of brilliant written content, all by me, but at the same time, I don't care for political correctness, only truth and freedom of speech. But I'm also a dad, with no intention to ever offend or mislead. No maliciousness at all. That being said, there's no apology. You have been warned so don't come complaning.

On the cookie thing, like most modern websites, this website uses a common widely used feature of your internet browser called a 'cookie'. By using this site you consent to its use of cookies. A cookie is a small text file that your web browser downloads to your device, so that it can hold persistant information between changing web pages and websites. Nearly all websites use them in some form or another.

Cookies have several uses.

Some cookies are strictly necessary, for instance when passwords are required, in order to keep you logged in.

Other times cookies may be used simply to add improved interaction and function to a website. For instance to remember a persistant setting, such as clicking the "YES BOSS!" button below in the cookie consent banner at the bottom so you don't see it on every page, every time you visit the website.

Cookies are also used to monitor performance, such as where the very common Google Analytics script, or such other service, may be included in web pages.

Cookies can also be used to allow targeted information, relevant to you, to be displayed in the web pages you visit. Where you see adverts on website pages, such as the advert below, it's possible that targeting cookies are used by third party advertisers (approved and deployed by organisations such as Google AdSense) for the purpose of improving the relevance of the adverts that you are delivered.

This website does not use cookies to retrieve personal information about you or compile information that you may input into the websites pages.

As nearly all websites use cookies in some form or another, changing the global cookies settings may cause some websites to operate incorrectly and or become unusable.

Should you wish to disable your cookies from your web browser, you can do so at any time from your web browsers settings. Use the browsers 'help' function if need be. To restrict or block cookies on a mobile device, again, do so from your mobile browsers settings, or else refer to that mobile devices manual.

But seriously, with this site you have nothing to worry about at all with regards cookies. I don't care about you at all ... it's all about me!