What I'm trying to say is ...
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5G 36DD and the internet of unsavoury_things

Ghosts, Witch Craft, & the Net's on the windows in 95

Mills & Barnes and the Curious Case of The Piranha's v. Zeus

The Assassin, The Lifeguard and The Series Of Unfortunate Tests

Just Cause 4 a Fortnite of Street Fighter II on an Ark Full Of Dinosaurs ... At 40?

The Curious Incident Of The Nationalism In The Night-Time

The Delorean & the Diminishing Returns Of Future Decades Past

The Crayon Snorting Knight & The Square Headed Usurper

John McClane and The Temple Of Racism

May The Force Be With You ... Always?

Remember Remember & The 25th Of December

Merry Man On The Moon Day Everyone

The Inflated Condom Head & The Big Footed Emperor

Return Of The King And The Armchair Warriors

40 - Love (Actually)

With Great Power Comes Great Battery Drain

Doctor Steelhammer & The Rise Of The Dark Apprentice