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Mills & Barnes and the Curious Case of The Piranha's v. Zeus

Joe Baron
22nd March 2019

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It's safe to say, that he'd been face to face with more difficult predicaments throughout his career than most. Terrorists, murderers, Sith Lords, deadly wolves, Ricky Gervais and an African prostitute with full blown AIDS ...

Life's Too Short Liam NeesonClick the photos for fun links ...

But his huge fisted hands handled them all well, and he managed to come out the other side of them each time, with dignity, respect, and a career that was ever stronger than it was before.

This was not by accident of course. With the screen presence of a god, he played Zeus not because the director picked him ... but because Zeus had hand picked him himself for the role.

Zeus Liam Neeson

No invading force could ever knock that distinct, powerful, handsome Roman nose out of joint. And with the rich depth of his solemn brogue, he could end any battle with just a few well timed words. Any words. It didn't matter which. The deep rich whisper of his voice could make anything sound authentic and meaningful. He could recite a few lines of Mary Had A Little Lamb, didn't matter ... when he talked, every one stopped what they were doing. And when he talked, everyone listened.

Zeus Liam Neeson

Sure they had to get through the inevitable pre amble about his wife leaving him, and how he was an alcoholic and a terrible father before getting to the chase, but the point is, no one was prepared to chance the consequences if they didn't listen ...

Liam Neeson bad father

It's just a fact of nature, that millions of deaths could have been avoided in World War I if they had just sent Liam Neeson over the top on his own. They should never have dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in World War II either, again, they should have just dropped Liam Neeson on it instead. He's not only more efficient at disposing of bad guys, he would've protected all the innocent at the same time.

Liam Neeson Hilter reacts

And whilst it's true that he does always seem to play an alcoholic loner whose wife left him years ago, and who mentally torments himself with the false belief that he is a failure as a father ... you'd still adopt him as your own dad any day of the week.

Liam Neeson Darth Vader reacts

Any 'my dad is bigger than your dad' argument would simply end in agreement the instant Liam Neeson entered the room ... even if your name was Jesus. Nobody beats Liam Neeson. Even John McClain, James Bond, and Batman, could only achieve a draw at best. If they were lucky ...

Liam Neeson Jesus

To put it simply, Liam Neeson is the man; or rather, he was ...

"Once more into the fray. Into the last fight I'll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day ..."

And in early February 2019, it seemed like he might have inadvertently done just that ...

Liam Neeson Live and Die on this day The Grey

From out of nowhere, Liam Neeson came face to face with his greatest adversary yet. The one he never saw coming. The new terror of our times. He walked straight into its open jaws. Jaws that were already set and waiting to snare the next victim. Like a swarm of piranha fish stripping their victim of flesh and this world, in a matter of mere seconds, Zeus's favourite had been flayed alive.

No normal man could have survived these wounds, but Neeson, blessed by Zeus himself, with career fatally wounded and haemorrhaging fast, did what even Zeus' other favourite son, Jesus, couldn't be bothered to do. He made a stand.

Liam Neeson Jesus

He didn't turn the other cheek. This was too important. He had done nothing wrong. He was innocent; guilty only of telling the god's honest truth. A truth about human nature, freedom of speech, honesty, and the absolute need to question our own impulses in the society we live in if we want to move forwards.

Whether we realise it or not, we are all programmed by the different societies we live in to different extents. If we are not brutally honest about our own impulses, how can we possibly take a step back from them and question them, so that we may have at least a chance to enact the right actions?

All Neeson had done, was recall a time, whereby he did just that. As a young impulsive man in his mid 20's, brought up a Roman Catholic in a predominantly Protestant region of Northern Ireland where he had to always watch his back, nearly 40 years ago, he made a choice to question his instincts. His own instincts, that he had to fight the urge to carry out, as he knew they were wrong. And thank goodness he made that choice to step back and question his own individual feelings and actions. Others in that revenge orientated society might not have.

As ever, it was he that was fighting the good fight for the benefit of all, even if no one else could see it yet. They would. In time. All he had to do was survive: the attacks from others; the attacks from his own demons ... this was no different to any other day for Liam Neeson.

Liam Neeson honesty in public

He wasn't the terrorist. He'd been stitched up. He'd been here before. Several times. He'd made a good career out of it in fact ... He'd make a stand to anyone, and anything, even the demons inside himself, so long as the truth prevailed. He'd fight them all. And he'd win. Even if he had to lose to do it. He'd still win. Even if it killed him ... he'd still survive. And unlike The A-Team, he didn't even expect to get paid.

Liam Neeson Hannibal Smith A Team

Against all the odds, it had never failed him before, and it wouldn't fail him now. His modern enemy already stood no chance and they didn’t even realise it yet. His enemy had tried to manipulate the whole world against him in an instant ... but what they had failed to realise was, that that was precisely when Liam Neeson is at his absolute unstoppable best. It's almost as if they'd never seen any of his films? ...

The only people on the planet that knew he must be completely innocent on hearing the selective news snippets of his fall from grace were John McClane, Batman, James Bond, and Ricky Gervais. But they were not there help to him now, particularly Ricky Gervais, who was uncontrollably rolling on the floor laughing his head off hysterically at it all. No, as usual, Neeson was all alone ... and that was just the way he liked it.

Liam Neeson Ricky Gervias

And what was the name of this new enemy? This new global terror that he had to take down? The beast that had him firmly in its jaws? The monster that wanted to destroy his very being and crush everything that he ever stood for? It's name ... the Social Justice Warrior.

SJW's, a modern army of wanton do gooders, hard core radical lefties whose aim, is to save the planet from offence of any kind, by altering reality, ordering people how to think, forcing people what to say, and totally destroying freedom of speech of any kind in the process ... unless it was the politically correct kind that they liked to hear that is. Even humour had to die ... which to be fair I may be achieving in this article already? But who cares, if you've got this far it can't be that bad and it makes me smile writing it :)

Liam Neeson SJWs

To the Social Justice Warrior, Liam Neeson had to be crushed and destroyed, over his choice of words, not actions, words ... even though they were a brutally honest truthful recollection of what he felt inside, and impulsive thoughts he had to rationalise, as a young adult human being inflicted with heavy, unexpected, emotional pain in a revenge orientated society. Heavy, unexpected emotional pain that can fall upon any one of us, at any time, out of the blue. But the SJW's cared not. Words were said, and in return ... they needed blood.

In a world where we have celebrities and Royals all bundling in like nymphomaniacs at an orgy, and getting paid a small fortune to tell us how important it is to talk about mental health, before jetting back to one of their many mansions, we discover once again, that it's only okay to talk about mental health, provided that you talk about it in the prescribed, linear, politically correct way. Stray off the beaten track and you get crucified. Just look what happened to Jesus. Mind you he did sound a bit mental banging on about God being his dad all the time ... but at any rate, it's no wonder he didn't bother coming back.

Liam Neeson Jesus

It seems that you are only allowed to talk about mental health so long as it does not contain violent thoughts, anger, hatred, tribal behaviour, revenge, sexual instinct; which are all instinctually natural by the way; you are only allowed to talk about it in the way it is acceptable to talk about it. Otherwise, you make it worse for yourself because the world crucifies you. Yet ironically, people with those thoughts harvesting inside them really do need an outlet for the benefit of everyone else around them, never mind just themselves.

Neeson was lucky. He got to vent by being paid a fortune for beating the shit out of criminals and terrorists for the last couple of decades to rapturous audience applause in the cinema. Others are not so lucky. But the SJW's cared not. Words were said, and in return ... they needed blood. Lots of it. And in their narrow minded view of the world, whacked right up hard to their left blinker, they were making the world a better place by insisting it. They thought that so it must be true ...

So what was said by Liam Neeson to cause all this furore that led SJW's to take to the streets in their masses, waving their arms around maniacally in the air like a crazed Indian mob from The Temple Of Doom?

Liam Temple Of Doom

In an attempt to help promote his new film, Cold Pursuit, Neeson thought it would be a good time to share something from a time in his younger life, almost 40 years ago, where he experienced strong primal urges himself.

Liam Neeson Cold Pursuit

He felt compelled to want to enact revenge on some random 'black bastard' by beating them to death with a cosh, to avenge a friend who had been raped by a black man. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Cold blooded revenge. Angry, emotional, he walked the streets with a cosh for several nights thinking about this, just waiting for some 'black bastard' to jump him so that he could beat him to death ... but ultimately, he stopped himself from ever doing anything. He knew it was wrong that's why he talked himself out his actions and tried to find another outlet for his mental pain and anger.

But it was already too late, before the interview had even finished, the internet was alight with calls for Neeson's new film to be banned, all his old films to be taken off air, and for Neeson himself to face public lashings before being hung drawn and quartered on live tv, with his testicles being ripped from his body and hung from ears like earrings to finish. It's impossible to say which happened faster, the collapse of his career, his publicists heart attack, or Ricky Gervais rolling around the floor in fits of laughter at it all. It was a moment all the SJW's had been waiting for. It could have been anyone, but Neeson was the one to gift it to them. As ever, Neeson it would seem, was finished.

Liam Neeson Ricky Gervias

What I found strange though, was that it wasn't the fact that Neeson wanted to batter any innocent man to death with a cosh that bothered the SJW's, no, if he had just said that then he would have been fine. Probably been praised for standing up for women's rights. It's that he said the word 'black' that seemed to be the main issue.

Don't get me wrong, the scenario he described was absolutely horrific ... but at the same time, that was his whole point. Whilst it's true that Neeson specifically said that he wanted to kill a 'black bastard', it clearly wasn't because of his specific hatred of black men in particular. Important context had been emitted in news headlines and reports. It was because of a tribal revenge mentality that took him over. That was clearly the point he was trying to make. He explained this clearly, immediately followed with how ashamed he was of it. It was deliberately misconstrued.

He openly said afterwards when he was forced to explain his words, that it wasn't intended to be a 'black' issue at all. If the rapist had been Italian, god help you if your name was Mario or Luigi. If he had been Japanese, god help you if you were eating Sushi. If he ware French, god help you if you stank of onions or we're eating an oversized baguette. If he was Russian, god help you if you were drunk on vodka. If he were Vietnamese, god help you if you were stood on a slope. If he were Indian, god help you if you worked in a BT call centre ... it's all racist, but tribal logic is always suspect by default. It's never logical. That was his whole point.

It didn't indicate his hatred of black men at all. Rather his unstable violent irrational temperament, hell bent on revenge at any cost. Basically he just wanted a handle so that he could immediately unleash his pain on someone else. As said, internal revenge does not listen to rationality. It's always wrong. Of course it is. But the guy grew up in Northern Ireland. Protestants and Roman Catholics revenge attacking each other for decades. He was into acting. Romeo & Juliet, the Montague and Capulet family feud. Revenge was a heavy part of the society he grew up in. Not that that okays his thoughts at the time, of course it doesn't, but it is an extenuating circumstance that helps to explain why they were in his head in the first place.

Romeo and Juliet

Whether it be their religion, football shirt, country of origin, skin colour, or whatever, the logic of how you choose your innocent victim is always totally suspect when it comes to primitive tribal revenge. The real problem is that the victim is innocent. People seem to forget that their have been countless people murdered by Muslims for being the 'wrong type' of Muslims. Countless people beaten senseless for wearing the wrong football shirt. Attacking an innocent to make yourself feel better is never a good thing. Even more so if it's out of revenge. But emotion can sometimes take a person over. That is the truth of the matter. That was the point he was trying to make.

Fanatical religious people, fanatical sports fans, fanatical world leaders, nutters in general basically ... they've all been perpetrating illogical acts of revenge on innocents for their given tribe for centuries. So many people killed, or violently attacked, for basically being part of the wrong tribe, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. It's very primitive. But it is a common impulse bred in people that congregate in large groups to feel safe in order to aid their own survival.

Even in individuals that steer clear of group conformality, it could still be a residual evolutionary trait inside them, that is no longer required, but is ignited and manifests uncontrollably in certain scenarios. Just like a domestic cats irrepressible urge to violently stop that bit of string dangling in front of them by biting it and ripping it to shreds with their hind legs.

The fact is, something could trigger any one of us to do something we would think totally inconceivable when of sound rational mind. And we wouldn’t know until it happened.

One Bad Day The Killing Joke

Sometimes, the biology of millions of years of evolution, simply over powers our free will with raw feeling. Truth is, no matter how intellectual you are, you don't know how you will think and act in certain situations, until you are in them. And that's just a fact. And if you can't acknowledge that, then I'm afraid that you are simply not as intellectual as you think you are. To quote Mike Tyson, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the head" ...

Liam Neeson Mike Tyson

Unfortunately, and sadly, there is a long history of mankind that simply proves that this is a totally normal impulse for large chunks of our lovely species. So normal, it was the backdrop to which William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet was set. Although fiction, the perpetual feud between the Montague and Capulet families is a mirror of reality in so many societies. Certain societies breed this kind of behaviour through generations. Some societies lead to people growing up thinking this is just the way the world is. It's up to individuals to turn their backs on it. Individuals like Liam Neeson.

It's also important to remember, that Liam Neeson didn't actually do anything at all. He had dark, destructive thoughts, that he didn't act on, that he could have took with him to his grave, but rather thought it better that he shared them. He knew it was wrong at the time, which is why he fought the impulse to act. It didn't make nice hearing admittedly; it was a horrific and brutal act that he was considering committing; but he didn't actually do anything, he knew it was wrong, it was in context to his film, and it was the truth.

But to do it with a cosh? That's what got me. That's fucked up. We have a cosh at work. My manager hits us with it every time he runs out of things to do. He says it's for our own good. A healthy reminder for us just so we never forget. I suppose it can't do us any harm. It stands for Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health. It's basically a folder with some Health & Safety paperwork in it to read that states how to handle such things.

I've never heard of anyone wanting to beat someone to death with a health and safety folder before ... but I'm sure Liam Neeson could give it a damn good go. What a way to go. Battered to death by Bryan Mills with a Health & Safety folder. The irony. Although to be honest, I can see it happening one day. The folder being turned against its owner ... Health & Safety inspectors really can be impractically and infuriatingly annoying sometimes.

Liam Neeson cosh

To be fair to Neeson, he was just being brutally honest about his past. He could have just lied and made up some total bullshit to make himself sound great, like a normal celebrity would have done. But he didn't. He told the truth. He was honest. And, although he nearly totally destroyed his own career, his honesty should be applauded. In fact it was, by John Barnes, the ex England footballer who has campaigned against racism for decades. People used to throw bananas on the pitch when Barnes played for Liverpool FC in the 80's.

John Barnes was insistant that Neeson deserved a medal for his honesty. And when you listen to him talk, listen to his reasoning, it's hard to argue against him. His words are more accurate and precise than even his left foot was in the 80's for Liverpool FC. And that's saying something.

Liam Neeson John Barnes

These people attacking Neeson; they should be focusing their energies on the groups of people that don’t realise that what he was considering doing was wrong, not the guy that did!

Anyway, that's enough about Neeson and SJW's, he'll survive, he always does. But he did open an important discussion. For most it was about race, but for me, it was also about how you are only allowed to talk about mental health in the prescribed politically correct way (making it totally fucking pointless in doing so), and just how easily any words or actions can be taken out of context by those with a given agenda or pre disposed point of view they want to shout about. The piranha's are out there just waiting for their moment. They're always out there. They're always waiting. Who will it be next I wonder?

Liam Neeson Piranha

Let me finish with an example of how easily things can be taken out of context if you want them to be, when you only focus on certain facts and words.

Over the past 15 years, 2 Ukrainian brothers have been reported to have taken great pleasure in beating the living fuck out of more black guys than the LAPD. They've knocked them all up, down, left, right, in, and then out, before celebrating and laughing about it with each other.

Fail to mention that they are the Klitschko brothers, both professional heavyweight boxers, and they sound like the worst white supremacists known to man. A right pair of racist bastards. Include that they were merely taking pleasure at being good at their sport as well, and suddenly, they are well respected members of the community. All is fine. Even by the black guys they hospitalised.

The Klitchkos - taking out brothers faster than the LAPD

Hearing, and actually comprehending, all the details before you pass judgment on somebody, really does matter. Even if they did say the word 'black'.

The Life Of Brian

I guess what I'm trying to say is, we are an animal species. A mammal. Our skin is an organ. Like many other animal species, our skin is just a bag that holds all our insides in that comes in several different colours and with varying amounts of fur on it. It's an organ that serves a purpose. Understand that biological fact, and it's actually one of the few things that we really do all have in common. Just like our hearts, and our brains, it's one of the few things that actually unites us. It's the societies we live in that divide us and make that fact hard to see. The artificial systems we create inside our true reality. We are all the same damn animal. The trouble is, all the things that manipulate what we think, can make it very hard, or in some cases, completely impossible for some people to ever see or accept that fact. Or to even want to. But that doesn't make that fact any less true.

Surely we don’t have to wait for an alien invasion, a zombie apocalypse, or an army of white walkers North of The Wall, to put all of us under the exact same survival threat to make us all realise that do we? That’s why sci fi shows like that are so successful. They show us a raw fundamental truth of reality that society hides from us. We are all the same damn animal.


The world we live in has got a bit messed up. No doubt. I don't know how you un-mess it up. I'm not sure anyone does. I'm not even sure I'm allowed to think about anymore anyway these days as I'm white. The last thing anyone needs is 'another white savior' apparently, according to bellend MP David Lammy. A comment that has just cost this year's Comic Relief £8 million in donations apparently. What a dick. And why is he making sweeping judgments based solely on peoples skin colour anyway? Racist. Some people want to help other people's suffering irrespective of skin colour Mr Lammy. Is that really so hard for you to believe? It shouldn't be.

But moron aside, and whilst I don't know the answer to it all, I'm pretty certain that crucifying people for speaking the truth is only ever going to make the world worse ...

Liam Neeson Jesus